Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Afternoon Music Librarianship - Band Origins

Last week I posted a couple of great songs by one of my favorite bands, Broadcast. As much as I hate to talk about them again this week, I just stumbled upon an amazing project related to them. A group from New York known as the Archives Listening Project (basically a collection of walking music encyclopedias) has started a series of youtube videos known as "Origins," where they map out the influences of particular bands song by song. So far they have done a 13 part series on Stereolab, and a 3 part series on Broadcast, and all have been amazing, eye-opening experiences. Check the links:

Broadcast Origins, Part 1
Broadcast Origins, Part 2
Broadcast Origins, Part 3

My question is: when are librarians gonna get in on this game? I know that there are many music librarians out there, and even more librarians that just have a deep knowledge of music. This seems like unexplored territory (and a neat new medium) for bibiliography work!